You Move Me Antlers Gallery / Bristol

Photography by Paul Blakemore

Project details

You Move Me is an exhibition by Antlers Gallery. The project revolves around a site-specific installation by Bristol-based artist Jo Lathwood. The show presents a wooden, tunnel-like structure for people to walk through and explore. Off this main framework a select group of artists were commissioned to respond to Jo’s work and depict their interpretation on its themes – with a focus on drawing in the broadest sense. The invited artists are: Helen Jones, Laurie Lax, Olivia Jones and Synnøve Fredericks.

These commissions aim to affect the aesthetic and layout of Lathwood’s structure creating an exhibition that is neither a collaboration nor a group-show; instead promoting a different format that lies somewhere between these two expected modes.

You Move Me takes direct inspiration from the ‘hidden’ River Frome that runs underneath Bristol city centre. The work transposes the path of the river and interference patterns allude to the movement and flow of water. In creating an immersive environment Lathwood wants to explore themes of (re)viewing familiar spaces around the city, and examine ways in which nature and the urban environment interrelate.

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